Creative Ways to Make Your Cabin Vacation Even Better

cabin photo

Cabins are a large part of our heritage in the Smoky Mountains- early settlers used the straight growing native Poplar trees to create their homesteads. For larger structures such as Churches, the trees would be felled up to a year in advance of their use in order to be properly dried. The settlers used very basic hand tools and tons of elbow grease to create durable and lasting residences- many still on display as you tour the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Cabins are still a predominant attraction in the area, although these days we ensure that hot tubs and air conditioning are standard, and wifi, theater rooms, game rooms, and indoor pools are also available!

We feature a number of different cabin configurations, designed to sleep from 2 to over 50 folks.  While the opportunity to enjoy the numerous activities in this area goes on and on (and new things available almost every day), there is something to be said about family time in the cabin, spending rare time together connecting and creating real memories.

Cooking Time

While there are plenty of restaurants in the area, take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen in the cabin- it seems that despite setting a beautiful table, trying to keep the chefs to a minimum, all of the activity centers around the kitchen. Let accomplished adults show off their best dishes, and give the children (and Dads) an opportunity to show off scrambling some eggs. A fun time, and the saving will pay for some activities around the area!

Game Time

Set the phones, tablets, laptops aside, bring a classic game to the trip. It is amazing how much fun these non- digital games can be. Who remembers their 1st game of Monopoly?

Bring It

Many of our guests drive here- don’t forget that favorite pillow, blanket, sauce pan, BBQ sauce- the TSA isn’t going to make you take your shoes off in order to get in the car!

Spread Out

You’re not camping or in an RV with us- everyone likes a little quiet time, and quiet time is available.

Stay Up Late

Check out the stars- on a clear night there can be some great constellations visible- many visible from a hot tub with the lights out.

Get Up Early- The Smokies are named for a reason- the reward for staying on a hill, getting up at dawn and watching the mist trail down the hills as the sun rises- well there you go. The rest of the day might be more complicated, but this is a moment that you keep forever.

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