How to Save Money by Staying in a Cabin

cabin interior photo

Did you know that you can save money by staying in a cabin when you visit the Smokies?

I promise you, I’m not kidding, you can actually save money while you are on vacation. Staying in a cabin or condo in the Smokies allows you to be more frugal with your lodging budget, it provides you extra amenities that you don’t have in a hotel or motel and once you look at the price per person, it is down-right cheap to stay in a vacation home when compared to other accommodations you could pick.

One of the biggest expenses you have while traveling is food. You stay in a hotel or motel and you end up eating out for every meal. Even eating fast food all the time, your food budget can keep you from doing some of the things that you want to do while you are traveling. If you stay in a condo or cabin, all of sudden you have that most necessary of features: a kitchen. Stop by a grocery store on your way into town and pick up food for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. If you watch your spend at the grocery store, you will find that your food budget just got bigger and maybe some of that money can go to spending the day playing miniature golf with the family or visiting WonderWorks. Not eating out for every meal is a great way to stretch that vacation budget.

If your lodging choices provides you with ‘things’ to do, then you don’t have to spend extra money finding entertainment when you aren’t quite ready to go back to the hotel for the night. Sometimes the thought of going back and sitting in the hotel for the rest of night can be more than you can bear.  For instance, instead of spending money at the arcade, go back to the cabin and play pool. Instead of dropping a lot of cash to ride go carts, go back to the cabin and actually spend time talking to each other while you are in the hot tub looking out over the mountains. And of course, instead of going shopping for the millionth time, bring your favorite board game and spend time as a family. When your choice of lodging becomes a place you want to hang out, you don’t have to find things to do with your time.

Lastly, break down the price you are going to pay by room, by family and by person. If you are going to end up renting several hotel rooms or a set of families are all going to vacation together, think about staying under one roof. If you are planning a family reunion, don’t plan places to meet up – stay together and enjoy getting to know each other better. When you take the price tag of that big cabin and break it down by the number of people staying, the number of rooms involved or even the number of families – you always save money compared to same number of rooms you would need and the hard ship of trying to meet up together and actually hang out. This is especially true when you add in all the extra benefits that you get from staying in a vacation home. The biggest of those benefits being that you have room to spend time together.

When you sit back and really think about your choices in lodging, almost every time you are going to come out with a better cost per person when you choose a vacation home (cabin or condo) over staying in a traditional hotel or motel. Certainly when you examine all the benefits of staying in a cabin, compared to a hotel or motel, it really is a no-brainer to pick a cabin or condo every time.

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